droopy eyelid treatment

People have always attached special importance to the eyes. They are not only the signal points on the face, but are also considered a “mirror of the soul” that reveals everything about a person and their state of mind. Eyes are also an important means of communication, especially for people who are sociable or in the public eye, and they provide support for a good charisma.

The eyes in particular are extremely sensitive to stress, overexertion, fatigue and anger. There are also anatomical reasons for this. The skin around the eyes is only half as thick as the rest of the facial skin, has a weaker connective tissue structure and contains fewer sebaceous glands. All this contributes to the fact that the eye area is particularly subject to the natural aging process. In addition, there are individual hereditary factors that often lead to the development of drooping eyelids or bags under the eyes at a young age.

Wrinkled, hanging upper eyelids, so-called drooping eyelids, which cover the eyes, make a tired facial expression. The face not only appears older, it also loses its personal charisma and attractiveness. In addition, women can no longer apply make-up to their upper eyelids as they wish. By correcting the eyelids, you can give your eyes new sparkle and take years off your face.

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