Black skin cancer (melanoma)

Malignant melanoma, also known as black skin cancer, is a highly malignant (malignant) degeneration of the pigment cells (melanocytes), which is mainly caused by exposure to UV radiation. The tumor tends to spread metastases via the lymphatic and bloodstream early on and is therefore considered extremely dangerous.

With early diagnosis and treatment, the chances of a cure are good. Waiting, whether from carelessness or fear, greatly worsens the prospects.

The primary treatment of choice is surgical removal of the primary tumor. This is done by us in accordance with the guidelines. After the histological examination, the further therapeutic procedure follows. In the case of tumors thicker than 1mm, it is necessary to examine the primary lymph node (sentinel lymph node). To localize the lymph node, a special nuclear medical examination is carried out in combination with a high-resolution ultrasound examination. Then it can be surgically removed. A modern surgical wing with two patient beds is available for the operations in our practice clinic.

Depending on the stage, we can carry out chemotherapy and immunotherapy. A close follow-up check with examination of the skin organ, ultrasound, X-ray and CT examinations is urgently required.

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