Psoriasis is a skin disease that often affects only a few parts of the body, but can also cover it all. It is based on a metabolic disorder of the upper skin layer (epidermis), with excessive dandruff formation.

Normally, the skin’s horny cells reach the surface of the skin within 28 days, where they are flaked off inconspicuously. In the case of psoriasis, this process is reduced to four days. The skin that harbors psoriasis spots reacts with increased formation of flakes that look whitish and sometimes itch uncomfortably, bleed or weep.

The most affected skin areas are the elbows, knees, sacrum and scalp.
How can you treat psoriasis?

All therapy methods are used in our practice clinic, including external methods such as corticoids, vitamin D derivatives and internal therapy such as MTX®, Fumaderm®, Biologica and UV light radiation.

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