Removal of vasodilatations

Often at a young age, with a corresponding predisposition, dilatations of the smallest blood vessels in the legs occur, which are referred to as spider veins and are often found to be very annoying. These can also occur over the course of life due to a general relaxation of the connective tissue. Vascular dilatations in the face are also very disturbing, mainly in the area of ​​the cheeks and nose, e.g. B. in the context of rosacea. Most of the time, these changes have a tendency to spread and are difficult to hide. Hemangiomas, congenital port-wine stains and other vascular changes that often occur over the course of life often lead to aesthetic dissatisfaction on visible parts of the body.

All of the vascular changes mentioned respond well to vascular laser therapy. Smaller vascular defects, such as hemangiomas, usually disappear after the first treatment, while larger areas generally require several sessions. We carry out the treatment of spider veins on the legs as a combination therapy using sclerotherapy (vascular sclerosing with Äthoxysklerol®) and vascular laser. This enables us to offer a very modern form of therapy in this area and achieve optimized results.

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