skin cancer prevention

With its dermato-oncological focus, our practice clinic pays particular attention to skin cancer prevention. Since both black and white skin cancer have increased significantly in recent years, we recommend regular check-ups of the entire skin. This applies to all ages and skin types, because if a malignant skin change is detected early, it can now be successfully treated.

For the reliable early detection of malignant skin changes, we use the latest technology, manual reflected light microscopy and digital reflected light microscopy (i.e. we record pigmented areas of the skin digitally, process and examine them with computer assistance, document them and can thus observe the development very precisely over the years. The The advantage of this method is that the individual pigment spots can be enlarged up to 80 times, so that the smallest changes can be detected at the earliest).

If the microscopic examination/photograph shows suspicious changes, surgical measures should be initiated. In our practice clinic we have the complete operational spectrum at our disposal.

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